The Sun Never Knew How Wonderfull It was Until it Feel On the wall of a Building

TransInd Technologies is an Indian lighting company specialized in LED lighting system design and production, for private, public and industrial sectors.

TIT is very attentive to the quality and trustworthiness of its products and to researching the primary materials it uses, so as to safeguard an essential value for the company. Over the past few years TIT has stood out for its Collaborations with lighting designers, architects contractors, interior designers, builders.

TIT is an ISO certified company, the philosophy Lends Trust on product performance, Quality, Design, Efficiency, Reliability and ease of installation. We consider and Anticipate needs of the customer /Market and align to it.

TIT offers Lighting products and Solutions in the Following Categories. LED, Architectural & Technical Lighting for Indoor, Outdoor application along with solar applications.

Our Values

The Challenge we face is to improve existing solutions and create New Ones. To achieve this we continuously interact with the clients, architects, designers and manufactures of technology best in their class.

We continually define new ways of designing light and new application contexts. Light is currently leading a profound architectural revolution. It has become central to the quality and wellbeing of any environment, including offices, retail, hotel, museums and residential context as well as parks and gardens.

Our mission

To light our customer's lives with exciting products that are environmentally friendly and fashionable, delivered with expertise and unparalleled service.

Best Regards
TIT Team

Working culture